Nick Skelton Collaborates with EQUILINE Srl to Develop A New Signature Saddle

Nicholas David Skelton is a world-renowned show jumping rider whose career has spanned nearly 38 years, winning thousands of classes and hundreds of Grand Prix' events. He began riding at age 18 months and in 1974 and 1975 took two team silver medals and an individual gold at the Junior European Championships. He has competed numerous times at the European Show Jumping Championships, winning three gold, three silver and three bronze medals both individually and with the British team over the course of 26 years. At the age of 54, Skelton won an Olympic gold medal as part of the victorious Great Britain show jumping team at the London Olympics in front of his home crowd. In 2013 he won the prestigious Grand Prix of Aachen aboard Big Star.

Nick Skelton with Equiline SaddleAfter years of collaboration with the Equiline Clothing Division, Nick Skelton has teamed up with the Equiline Saddle Division to design and develop a new signature saddle with exclusive design characteristics and important technological advancements: the new Equiline Nick Skelton saddle.

The experience of a legendary show jumper together with the craftsmanship of Equiline in saddle production has been the perfect combination to develop the Nick Skelton saddle. Designed carefully with the well-being of the horse in mind, the saddle is also technically balanced and comfortable for the rider in order to optimize overall performance. The saddle is lightweight and made of very soft full-grain oiled calfskin leather originating from free-roaming animals.

The tree is designed to adapt perfectly to the horse and to maintain the best seat for the rider.
The seat is mid-deep allowing the rider to feel close-contact with his horse. Its patented IGS technology (Integrated Gel System) provides cushioning inserts to absorb vibrational shocks and pressure from the rider’s seat bones while promoting optimal posture and muscle tension reduction in the pelvis.

The extremely soft panels, with their anatomical shape, are free floating allowing uninhibited movement of the horse’s backbone and eliminating pressure points. They can be filled in either wool which allows for complete customization to an individual horse’s anatomy or can be filled with a
very soft and durable synthetic T-Flex material.

The new Nick Skelton saddle, strictly made in Italy, offers another important technology patented by Equiline, FGT (Flap Grip Technology). FGT is a very soft rubber panel on the bottom of the quarter flap which gives the rider greater grip and stability in the saddle while also significantly reducing wear and tear of the saddle leather.

When asked which features of the Nick Skelton saddle make it most appealing Skelton replied, “my saddle is very comfortable, lightweight, super soft and it conforms superbly to the horse’s anatomy.
It is a perfect combination of comfort, technology, security, softness and design.” Skelton himself had been riding in the same saddle for over 30 years; it took some convincing at first to engage his participation in this project. In hindsight of the collaboration with Equiline, he is only sorry that they haven’t designed his saddle sooner. Skelton continues “I recommend the Nick Skelton saddle to all riders who want to feel close-contact with their horse and increased safety thanks to the Flap Grip Technology which helps to further develop a rider’s proper leg position. I really hope all riders will try my saddle and that it will help make many become great champions!”

The Nick Skelton saddle officially debuted this past weekend at the international equestrian trade fair, Spoga, in Cologne, Germany. Trade buyers were extremely enthusiastic regarding the saddle design and very encouraged that it will become a strong seller in the market for jumping saddles. Tatiana Mazzucato, Director of Marketing, for Equiline Srl says “we couldn’t be more satisfied with the premier launch of the Nick Skelton saddle. Initial buyer demand has exceeded our expectations.”

The Nick Skelton saddle will be available through select Equiline dealers in the US this fall and will be showcased and available for trial during the Washington International Horse Show held October 21st through 26th in Washington, DC.